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Sidewalk Snow Removal

Reminder to all residents that it is the homeowner's responsibility to remove snow from residential sidewalks within 24 hours after snow stops. 

This includes * Sidewalks in front of and along the sides of homes * Adjacent mailboxes, where present * Adjacent fire hydrants, where present. 

For more information or to report a problem, please contact Douglas County Public Works staff at 303-660-7480.


In June 2013 the Wildcat Ridge Community Association was informed by South Suburban Parks and Recreation District (SSPRD) in an "Open Letter to the Residents of Wildcat Ridge" that SSPRD is going to convert the open space turf grass to native grass in the area SSPRD owns along the Quebec hillside (east side of Quebec from the Highlands Ranch boundary south to the Quebec/Wildcat Ridge intersection). The letter signed by Mr. Jim Priddy, the SSPRD Manager, is at this link. Following this notification, the Wildcat Ridge Association Board began investigating and exploring options with Douglas County, SSPRD, and interested WCR homeowners to reverse the SSPRD decision and/or find a compromise to mitigate the potential damaging impacts of the SSPRD decision. A group of WCR homeowners subsequently attended the SSPRD monthly board meeting in August where they voiced their concerns and complaints about how this plan was crafted and communicated, as well as the negative impact it would have on home values and safety. The effort by the homeowners was favorably considered by the SSPRD Board and resulted in a phone call to the WCR Board by SSPRD (Mr. Priddy) who asked to meet, discuss, and resolve the issue. The WCR Board and SSPRD representatives met twice in September to present and discuss issues of concern to both parties and formulate a compromise. The meetings resulted in the following agreement between SSPRD (Mr. Priddy) and the WCR Board of Directors
SSPRD will retain and maintain the existing turf area surrounding the WCR monument on the north end of the hillside, as well as the turf area on the south end, as described on the drawings provided to SSPRD at our September 20, 2013 meeting [The south turf area extends from the corner area north just past the first group of trees parallel to Quebec to a point where the sidewalk is closest to Quebec.]. WCR also understands that due to the configuration of the existing irrigation system, SSPRD is unable to initially install a 15’ turf strip desired by WCR that would connect the two turf areas described above.  All other existing turf areas on the hillside will be converted to native grass and irrigated as long as necessary by SSPRD to fully establish the native grasses.  Upon successful establishment of the native grasses, SSPRD would be open to revisiting the installation of the 15-foot turf grass strip, at which time SSPRD and WCR may explore possible terms, conditions, and requirements necessary to install and maintain.


Please keep in mind that dumping is not allowed in Open Space areas.  This includes trash, grass clippings, pruning’s, t-posts, etc.  Use of public open space for gardens and/or other extensions of your personal property is also not permitted.  You can be summoned by the Douglas County Sherriff’s Department for these violations (which could include assessments and additional penalties).  Please click here and visit the Douglas County website for a copy of the Rules and Regulations.


 You can prevent it. 

See info from Douglas County Sheriff in this link.



Neighborhood Watch Incentive Program

Neighborhood Watch Incentive Program being offered by the Sheriff’s Office.  For more information click here. 

Having a dispute or conflict with a neighbor?  Check out the Mediation service that is being offered to residents of our neighborhood.  Go to "About the Community" and then the "Services" section.

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Important Painting Reminder


If you are changing your house colors, you must submit a Design Review Request for approval. You must choose an approved paint scheme from the choices in the paint selection book. You can not mix and match between schemes or submit new color samples. 

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6:00pm - 2nd Thursday  of the month at Lone Tree Golf Club and Hotel

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Neighborhood Watch
Keeping watch in our community, maintaining a safe environment and safeguarding property is every homeowner's responsibility. We are currently looking for residents interested in becoming block captains.

WCR Neighborhood Watch

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