Design Guidelines and Review Requests


Please review the attached documents related to the updated Design Guidelines and Exterior Paint Guidelines and process (updated as of April 2023).

 You can submit your paint application (or other exterior modification applications) at Submit Design Review Request Here
 You can find the complete Design Guidelines HERE and Figures HERE

Exterior Paint Guidelines

Wildcat Ridge Paint Guidelines and Colors (updated 2023)

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1077760332120 WCR.Design Guidelines.Paint.Exterior Paint and Masonry Color Process WCR.Design Guidelines.Paint.Exterior Paint and Masonry Color Process227653 KBWCR.Design Guidelines.Paint.Exterior Paint and Masonry Color Process.pdf5/3/2023
2077760132120 WCR.Design Guidelines.Paint.Color Schemes WCR.Design Guidelines.Paint.Color Schemes4661 MBWCR.Design Guidelines.Paint.Color Schemes.pdf5/3/2023
3077760232120 WCR.Design Guidelines.Paint.Door Colors (Final) WCR.Design Guidelines.Paint.Door Colors (Final)122635 KBWCR.Design Guidelines.Paint.Door Colors (Final).pdf5/3/2023
4077760832120 WCR.Design Guidelines.Paint.Stain Colors WCR.Design Guidelines.Paint.Stain Colors7581 KBWCR.Design Guidelines.Paint.Stain Colors.pdf5/3/2023
5077760432120 WCR.Design Guidelines.Paint.Masonry.Masonry Color Process WCR.Design Guidelines.Paint.Masonry.Masonry Color Process77620 KBWCR.Design Guidelines.Paint.Masonry.Masonry Color Process.pdf5/3/2023
6077760532120 WCR.Design Guidelines.Paint.Masonry.Painted Masonry Color Schemes WCR.Design Guidelines.Paint.Masonry.Painted Masonry Color Schemes113613 KBWCR.Design Guidelines.Paint.Masonry.Painted Masonry Color Schemes.pdf5/3/2023
7077760632120 WCR.Design Guidelines.Paint.Masonry.Painted Masonry Specs WCR.Design Guidelines.Paint.Masonry.Painted Masonry Specs541 MBWCR.Design Guidelines.Paint.Masonry.Painted Masonry Specs.pdf5/3/2023